What is it?

León’s Cathedral was not raised only to be contemplated. Its origin and meaning is, above all, to have been conceived as a work for divine worship. This Pulchra Leonina (beautiful of León) was designed and built at Medieval times when Cathedrals were the epicenter of religious, social and political life. Everything in this Cathedral, its orientation, the floor’s shape, its height, the reliefs of the stones, the stained glass windows, its history and legend… all in this marvel of Gothic art allows to admire the human work and to recognize all divine inside it.


Dear reader, the magazine in your hands offers a different view of León’s Cathedral, a temple which we want to tell you with a look lent from León’s people, casual visitors, architects, bishops, kings, pilgrims on route to Compostela, canons, popes, saints and faithful who rest here… people who, over time, have dreamed, loved and lived León’s Cathedral.

Walking inside and outside invites us to discover, in each of its corners, passages of the biblical history of Salvation, of Catholic tradition and of the life of man in this part of the world. Unique works which have survived the passage of generations, hidden images carved in stone, hundreds of anecdotes, famous people and saints of the Church.


We will discover ancient rites and shed light on what happened, now happens and it will happen in a Cathedral which, far away from what the passing of history makes one suspect, is more alive than ever. Do not stop reading us. REVISTA CATEDRAL DE LEÓN which borns today thanks to the Cathedral’s Chapter will certainly help you to feel the Pulchra Leonina as your own.