What unites us

It is possible that, we Leonese people, do not know in what year it was built, or who ordered it to be built, which masters designed its towers, what evils it suffers or, not even, how many its magnificent and incomparable stained glass windows are. We may not know the meaning of the figures on the porticoes, how the liturgy or the history of the world is narrated in its windows, the dedication of its chapels or the unique references that each of the sculptures carved in that dark wood of the choir mark.

Perhaps we ignore important data of its history, its iconography or its condition.

It does not matter whether or not you know these “insignificant” details, which can be consulted in books, because the Cathedral of León is, without a doubt, the best one in the world.

An irrefutable certainty for all the people of León, that we would be able to debate even with the Bishop of Paris himself and convince him that our Pulchra has nothing to envy to his Notre Dame. Nor to the Cathedrals of Burgos, Seville or Chartres. Not to any with which it compares.

That eighth wonder of the world, unfairly treated by those who do not officially give it the title of World Heritage Site, is the best in the world. Because it is ours. Because it is something that unites us.

It is our Lighthouse of Alexandria, our main reference which, like a colossus, withstands the onslaught of time, with damage and risks, but always there, changing every day with the light of the moment, appearing miraculously strong in its weakness. As a paradigm for the Leonese people who know that, even scattered around the world, we will always have irrefutable certainties that will make us stand out from anyone born in another territory. Heirs of a unique kingdom, of an identity of its own, of a way of being that distinguishes us from everything and everyone.

León’s Cathedral is that for me.

It is, also, those different but always majestic towers, so many times scaffolded. It is that unique rose window through whose glasses passes a unique light which changes with each season of the year and with each hour of the day. It is the magic in the atriums, in the Virgen del Dado’s door which combines tradition, legend and devotion. It is the mole. It is the choir, so spectacular that one would believe that its figures come to life in the lonely nights of the central nave. It is the organ from whose keys and tubes marvelous pieces of music are extracted. The Antiphonary. It is the cloister which allows you to see, always, that color of the sky so unique and distinguishable. It is that Virgin of the O, unique, unrepeatable and center of devotion and pilgrimage for the Leonese women who are expecting a child and seek shelter in the pregnant Mother and in her chapel. It is the tomb of King Ordoño, a memento for the other great referent of the Leonese people -the Royal Pantheon of St. Isidoro-. It is that altar that we would look at for hours discovering a unique detail in each approach. And it is, without a doubt, that last Sunday before October 5, on which every year we Leonese citizens voluntarily pay tribute for the protection that the Cathedral gave us centuries ago and also every day thanks to its magical shadow. Always, whether or not we are under its tower.